Birth and Beyond

“Written by one of the world’s leading obstetricians, this extraordinary book takes a totally fresh look at what parenting means in the 21st century. Addressing both parents, the book looks at all aspects of life, through the nine months of pregnancy and the following nine of the baby’s life. It is both a practical handbook for pregnancy, birth and the early months of a new baby’s life, and a stimulating exploration of this period of enormous transition. Taking a holistic approach, it advocates integrated health care, i.e. both conventional and complementary therapies, and, with its exhaustive medical content, including a 160- page A-Z section, also acts as a superb source of reference.”

“the very best book on the subject” (Independent)

“A wonderful book for any mother-to-be, filled with beautiful photography and sound advice… Packed with information, it explores both conventional and complimentary approaches to pregnancy, birth and baby care. Best of all, the tome is neither dictatorial nor patronising, allowing you to make your own choices.” (Junior)

“If there is such a thing as a good birth guide, this is the one. The modern, fresh approach and indispensible advice…(Gordon’s) marriage of conventional medicine and less traditional methods will please every parent and parent-to-be. Paediatrics, midwifery, nutrition and exercise all meet in the only book that the would-be parent will ever need” (Pride Magazine)

“an excellent, easy-to-read and thoughtful book” (Baby & you)

“the definitive guide to pregnancy, birth preparation, your newborn, toddler and family. There’s nothing this book doesn’t cover. It is an essential reference guide for your bookshelf – so don’t journey through the bewilderment of parenthood alone, when this book will hold your hand” (Maternity)

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